Our Services

Ursa Major Consulting helps clients address their needs. We bring expertise in process and data analysis, facilitation techniques, project management, web and information technology, and a variety of other domains.


Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting We help clients achieve measurable results through alignment with organizational objectives, streamlined processes, and strategic application of information technology.

Content and Collaboration

Content and Collaboration We analyze, organize, create and improve content, be it for the web, social media, or for a proposal. We do research, work out the details, collaborate, and get it done.

Websites and Social Media

Websites We help clients craft their messages for each audience, select platforms and tools for functionality, and support search engine optimization (SEO).

Reach for the Stars!

The Ursa Major constellation, also known as the Big Dipper or the Great Bear, points the way to the North Star, Polaris.

Ursa Major Consulting strives to make a difference, by focusing on the strategic, understanding what is needed, and doing excellent work. We achieve measurable results for our clients.