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Back Country Navigator

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I am pretty much thrilled with my new find.

Woods-50pctThis past weekend, I tried out the Back Country Navigator app for my Droid X, on the Boy Scout Hike-o-Ree in Shenandoah National Park.  It is a great app to have for hiking without a cell phone signal. I downloaded the 15 day trial and the detailed topo maps of the area, and searched on the trailhead. Voila! Wonderful to have great, zoomable topo maps. I didn't try all its features but it was great to be able to see our hiking progress. It actually helped us correct for a missed turnoff.

My only problem was that I did not yet have a spare battery for my phone, and to conserve signal I put the phone into Airplane Mode.  For some reason, I could not get a location from the satellites. The Scouts of course did not want to take breaks, and I could not trek and fiddle with the phone, so I put the phone to sleep and only occasionally tried to figure out exactly where we were.  When I turned it back on, there was the GPS signal and our location. 

It was only after I returned that I discovered that this is a known bug -- Airplane Mode interferes with obtaining a location. This is apparently a hardware/firmware bug in Android phones.There is a fix -- GPS Airtime (beta) -- you can find it at:

So, the next time out I will have a spare battery, have the Pro version of Back Country Navigator and the fix. And hopefully not get water in my boots on the stream crossings!

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